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Blogs That Inspire Me

Since my blog is brand spanking new (and, therefore, doesn’t have a ton of content yet), I wanted to share some of the blogs that have changed my life for the better. By the end of this post, hopefully you’ll have visited some (or all!) of them and found that they are inspirational to you as well. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have – they are all full of helpful hints, valuable lessons, and uplifting messages. Each one of these bloggers is a wealth of information on alllll of the topics I care most about! One of my most favorite things about each of them is that they have servants’ hearts – they truly want to help and inspire anyone who stumbles upon their blogs.

Do you already know any of these amazing people? Here they are, in no particular order:

Inspiration #1, Megan Sumrell

Megan is a mom and entrepreneur who aims to help people to find work / life harmony. I somehow found her free 5-day TOP Bootcamp (Time Management, Organization, Productivity), which she offers every few months. No exaggeration, it changed my life. It was the catalyst that I needed to put me back in control of my time by changing how I plan my weekly schedule. Her blog is FULL of amazing posts on stopping the overwhelm and frazzle of daily life while staying motivated and productive through it all.

I love Megan because she writes and teaches in a way that makes it so easy to implement her strategies – she goes step by step, so it’s simple to follow. Her strategies are different from everything I’d been taught before, but they WORK. If you’re looking for someone who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to time management, Megan’s your girl.

You can follow her here.

Inspiration #2, The Positivity Blog

I mean, the title of the blog pretty much says it all, right? We can all use a daily dose of ways to live a happier life, become more productive (and less of a procrastinator!), and increase self-esteem. Henrik Edberg is from Sweden, and he writes about things that have had positive effects on his own life.

With posts like “11 Ways to Stay Positive” and “How to Overcome Negative Thoughts,” The Positivity Blog is a how-to guide for people like me who want concrete things to work on when it comes to stopping procrastination and improving self-talk. There’s also plenty of inspiration there as well, in the form of quote round-ups on topics like happiness, self-love, and friendship.

I’m only part of the way through reading Henrik’s amazing content, but The Positivity Blog keeps me coming back for more tips and tricks to keep my attitude upbeat and to help me to live in the moment. I can’t get enough!

You can follow Henrik at The Positivity Blog.

Inspiration #3, Mom For All Seasons

I’ve been following Heather at Mom for All Seasons for years now, probably since the beginning of my homeschool journey. She is a super relatable, down-to-earth mom who doles out advice on motherhood, homemaking, kid-friendly meals, and much, much more. She also runs Conferences for Moms, which puts on several online conferences per year that have helped me manage my time, homeschool, and home – right now, her Makeover Your Life conference is happening, and I’m LOVING the content so far!

Heather’s blog is so full of great resources that I couldn’t even begin to list them all – different types of planners (hello, Disney!), budget and meal planning binders, and a bajillion homeschool lessons. Best of all, many of her products are either free or have “suggested prices” – she wants her products to be blessings, not burdens, so you can pay what you’re able to pay!

You can follow Heather at Mom For All Seasons.

Inspiration #4, Pinch of Yum

Lindsay’s blog is my go-to when I need meal inspiration. I’ve loved every single thing I’ve made from her recipes. The food looks delicious AND tastes delicious. She shares fresh, flavorful, and healthy recipes, and she won’t share them if she won’t eat them herself. In her own words, she wants to inspire her readers with food that is “both approachable AND exciting” – what a fantastic description, right?! Sounds exactly like the kind of meals I want to cook and eat.

Check out this Instant Pot wild rice soup! And coconut curry salmon! And this gorgeous red pepper pasta! One big bonus is that there are a TON of meatless meals on Pinch of Yum. My family definitely isn’t vegetarian, but we do eat meatless 2 or 3 times a week. That’s yet another reason that I love this blog – plenty of veggie goodness!

You can follow Lindsay (and her yummy food) here.

Inspiration #5, This Bit of Life

I’ve only very recently begun following Christine after I watched her speak in one of Heather’s conferences (see Inspiration #3 above). She gave a presentation on using a not-so-typical schedule to help with time optimization, and, not only did she have great tips to share, but I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I’d totally be friends with this lady in real life!” I identified with so much of her story – she’s homeschool mom of four kids (like me!), and she prioritizes field trips and gatherings of friends over traditional schoolwork (also like me!). I’m pretty sure we’d be BFFs if we ever met in person!

Christine’s blog focuses primarily on homeschooling – she has created her own curriculum, stress-free homeschooling course, AND an amazing planner (it’s designed with the homeschool mom in mind, but it’s also good for anyone who needs a little help managing all of the things that help keep a home running smoothly). I also love that she has her own Amazon store full of resources for busy moms.

You can check out Christine’s blog here.

Thanks for reading!

As you can probably guess based on my list of bloggers who inspire me, I have eclectic taste! What do any of them have to do with this blog? Well, nothing really… Other than the fact that all of them have inspired me to become the best ME that I can be! I mostly just love hearing what they have to say (and show on Instagram – my favorite social media site!), and I think you will too. Each of them has helped me in different areas of my life, and they have sooooo much information to share, whether you’re looking for a productivity boost, a shot of positivity, all-around “mom” help, delicious food, or homeschool tips.

I’d love to hear what you think of these blogs (or about MY blog!) – do you follow any of them already? Leave a comment or, if you liked this post and think it will help someone else, please share it! Even just a one-word mention on your Facebook page makes a huge difference!

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